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Cloud-Based Graphical Workstations

Standard - Monthly Plan
The Standard Virtual CAD Machine, powered by Nvidia's latest GPU technology is  great for CAD Viewing and 3D Mark-Up work. It meets the minimum requirements of the major CAD vendors, and it's a good choice for casual work with CAD packages, traini...
Advanced - Monthly Plan
A great choice for the majority of our CAD Designers. The Pro Virtual CAD Machine is capable of running large assemblies in fully shaded mode on large (single) screens.a powerful Virtual CAD Machine powered with Nvidia's latest GPU technology. Thi...
Professional - Monthly Plan
designairspace Ultimate Workstation: a powerful Virtual CAD Machine powered with Nvidia's latest GPU technology. This Virtual CAD Machine has the following specs 32GB of RAM 8 x CPU 4GB of GPU 100GB SSD Disk (or more) Windows 10 OS A great choic...
Light Client
This is a great Admin & Test client machine to do administrative work, for test purposes and to interact with the rest of your designairspace machines.  This light cloud workstation has the following specs 4 GB of RAM 2 x CPU 512 MB of GPU 10...
Shared Drive
Shared drives are network-mounted file systems that can attach to multiple machines in a region (E.g. East Coast). They start at 250 GB, ranging all the way up to 2000 GB.
P-4000 Bare Metal - Monthly Plan
The workhorse in bare-metal performance.The P-4000 is simply a high-end machine for extreme rendering. The P-4000 has 1792 CUDA cores and up to 432 GB/s memory bandwidth. It has the following specs 30GB of RAM 8 x CPU 8 GB of GPU (Dedicated) 100G...