Make Your 3D CAD Designers Happy. Fire Their Workstation

Happy CAD workers are more productive.

Designairspace offers fully-managed Virtual CAD Machines. With designairspace, you can cut the cord locking your 3D Designers to their CAD Workstations. Give your 3D Designers a great work-life balance and get 10% more productivity

designairspace is built on NVIDIA's latest GPU technology. Our virtual CAD machines offer stunning graphical performance. 


Never lose design data as it is always kept in our secure cloud.  Designairspace offers end-to-end protection for your 3D CAD data. 

Save money

With designairspace you only pay for what you use. Plus, our virtual CAD machines cost 20% less than comparable CAD Workstations

Our plans

Empower your 3D designers to work where they want and starting saving 20% on Hardware costs. 

designairspace pricing plans