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designairspace (pronounce: designer-space) provides virtual workstations that let architects, engineers and designers (AED) work on complex 3D applications anywhere with an internet connection.

Right now, most professional CAD and BIM design work ties you to a physical workstation at the office. This is because AED work requires powerful computers with advanced graphics cards.

With designairspace you can connect to your virtual workstation in the cloud. This gives you the same power and speed as your office desktop machine or laptop. You can then use your CAD or BIM software over the internet.

designairspace lets you create complex 3D models in a browser. The service is currently used by CAD and BIM professionals in architecture, engineering, construction, education, and manufacturing.

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Why Pay For An Expensive Desktop Computer When You Can Get The Same Power Working From Anywhere, At A Much Lower Price?

Designairspace Helps You To :
  • Work Remotely - With all your 3D Applications.
  • Save Money - We offer flexible , cost-effective subscriptions starting at less than $20/month.
  • Avoid Upfront Commitments - Pay for the virtual workstation you need, when you need it.
  • Fast Provisioning - Have your virtual workstations up and running in one day or less.
  • Keep Your 3D Design Data Secure - With our enterprise-level security features.