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Can a high-end 3D CAD application really run in a cloud?

Yes, we can.

The short answer to this question is "yes". designairspace's virtual clients have a graphical accelerator (GPU) from nvidia.

Check out this rotating model of a full engine model in Siemens NX in a cloud environment (using a very similar technology stack as designairspace, using NVIDIA's Grid Technology and VMware as the Virtual Desktop Infrastrucure).

Pay particular attention to the right-hand movie: the performance in the Cloud is simply fantastic.

Many organisations have ran benchmarks to test the performance of CAD applications on virtual clients for CAD applications using the nvidia card, using the SPECviewperf 11 Test.

According to one of these tests, virtual clients actually perform better than a physical workstation (see also: side 11 of the presentation "CAD virtualization". This slide deck was published on May 2015 during the annual PROStep iViP symposium). 

In the middle is the performance ("composite") of the Virtual Desktop. The "Viewset" refers to the use case (= different applications with a set of particular data and tasks, i.e. zoom in, rotate. etc) and a score ("composite). A higher number means a better performance. According to this table, the virtual client in the middle performed as well or better than the physical client., 


The best and most definitive answer is to actually test it for yourself. That's why designairspace encourages that you test the waters with a free trial first. You can sign up for it here